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Stop guessing about influencer marketing.

RAD AI dynamic persona profiles and creative intelligence deliver a 3.5X campaign ROI.

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The RAD AI solution has been an integral part of transforming and scaling our digital product offering..."

Mike Rosen

Chief Revenue Office

Actionable creative intelligence for influencer marketing


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How Creators Build and Exit Beauty Brands
Branding Content Content Creation Beauty

How Creators Build and Exit Beauty Brands

Hi All, Multiple studies underscore the significant value the creator economy contributes to brands.

Influence Redefined
Branding Marketing AI-informed content

Influence Redefined

Hi All, Jeremy Barnett, CEO and founder of RAD AI, here. Many colleagues and industry peers have encouraged me to share ...

The Opaque Nature of Influencer Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Marketing Influencer Marketing Content AI Creative Intelligence

The Opaque Nature of Influencer Marketing

The Opaque Nature of Influencer Marketing The influencer marketing industry was worth an estimated $16.4 Billion in ...

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