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Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing.

We use RAD AI through 600+ API data partners to deliver ROI-based influencer marketing.

Read about how we deliver 3X campaign ROI for clients and partners.

Comprehensive Whiteglove Solution

Sourcing Influencers

We use RAD AI to process billions of data points to find the right influencers that deliver the most ROI.

125k Dynamic Personas

Creative Concepts

Artificial intelligence that uses performance data and Reddit guides influencer strategy.

Match your target customer persona with Influencers.

  • Use Reddit and 600+ API partners
  • Match influencers to your creative stratgey
  • Influencer rankings that predict performance by persona
  • Influencer performance predictions 
  • Benchmark influencer content performance across social and brand owned channels
CA BG 2 CA Asset 2

Influencer content reimagined.

Identify influencers with artificial intelligence built for ROI-based campaign performance. 

The Right Message,
Delivered by the Right Human.

No more guessing about creative strategy, influencer selection and content decisions.

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Artificial intelligence for influencer marketing

Actionable insights before, during and after each campaign. 


2.5 billion data points processed per campaign


12 billion phrases, images and videos analyzed


90 billion user engagements analyzed

Leading the Industry with Persona Based Influencer Marketing
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Turning B2B Influencers into Key Opinion Leaders
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Unlocking the TikTok Algorithm
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