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Unparalleled creative intelligence. 

AI-informed persona profiles, creative strategy and influencer selections deliver quantifiable ROI.

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Influencer content your customers will love.

AI-informed predictions that match influencers to your creative strategy and target persona.

Actionable insights that guide influencer content creation.

  • What interests do your audiences care about most?
  • Who is your customer as it relates to the target persona and why?
  • Why is our influencer recommendations best suited for your campaign.

The easiest way to remove all doubt. 

Pre-campaign insights
AI-informed influencers, content and personas
White-glove service and content benchmarks
AI-based feedback loop
Actionable insights for optimizations

Stop Guessing About Influencer Marketing 


Data processed per campaign


Hours saved per campaign


ROI our clients get per campaign

Creative intelligence that ranks content by persona

Use RAD AI to understand what type of video content is needed to maximize influencer campaign performance.

Prediction Asset 5

Performance insights that find evergreen evangelists.

Breakdown influencer performance
Compare organic and sponsored content
Identify evergreen and paid opportunities

Discover Creative Intelligence

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  • Discover how RAD AI is establishing a new standard of excellence
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  • Breaks down the creative intelligence differentiation
  • Addresses the opaque nature of influencer marketing
  • Defines quantifiable influencer marketing

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Leading the Industry with Persona Based Influencer Marketing
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Leading the Industry with Persona Based Influencer Marketing

Greetings, seasoned influencer marketing aficionados! As someone who's well-versed in the art and science of influencer ...

Turning B2B Influencers into Key Opinion Leaders
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Persona

Turning B2B Influencers into Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders, better know as KOLs, often provide brands the competitive edge needed to win. When your market ...

Unlocking the TikTok Algorithm
Artificial Intelligence TikTok Content AI Creative Intelligence

Unlocking the TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm creates viral moments using a different methodology than other social networks. If you use the ...

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