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Questions and Answers from the RAD AI Team.

AI Technology

Questions and answers about RAD AI technology.

We use our proprietary artificial intelligence through API partners like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok to identify the ideal customer persona, content strategy, and influencer messaging on per campaign basis.

We measure authenticity by deconstructing the content messaging into resonance, behavior, and emotion.

We refine the social posts and content insights into proprietary segmentation models by pinpointing our customer's highest value audience targets.

We take statistically significant data and improve engagement, conversion, and campaign ROI by learning what content (images, videos, and text) should be used against which personas, and on what channels; this prescriptive data can then be applied to the rest of the marketing mix thereby creating economies of scale while informing websites, emails, and paid media.

Demographics, psychographics, and both dominant topics and interests by the rank of importance.

We test against third-party data sources to confirm the model efficacy on a per-campaign basis. Our models scan hundreds of millions of data points across data partners, publisher content, search, and social.

To sustain quantifiably high-performing influencer marketing at scale with adapted content for each digital channel. Typical campaign goals are either awareness, engagement, or conversions-centric.

On an iterative basis once live, based on historical and real-time performance feedback.

We suggest using RAD AI to tailor content across each channel, by the assigned persona, influencer, and campaign objective.

Influencer marketing, paid media, websites, landing pages, emails, blogs, and SEO.

Dominant topics, interests, values, ideas, search interests, ethnicity, age, and income.

Influencers, paid media, trends, audience ID, persona ID, and performance benchmarking.

First, we measure, confirm, and benchmark your historic performance to set a baseline. Our technology then compares RAD AI-informed content against your historical content performance.

Influencers and Insight Reporting

Questions and answers about creative intelligence, reporting, and influencer campaigns.

Before the campaign, we either validate or design a comprehensive campaign strategy using proprietary creative intelligence derived from our AI insights and company methodology.

First, we use 600 API data partners and process over 2.5B pieces of information to inform your campaign objective. We then use our proprietary artificial intelligence through API partners like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok to identify the ideal customer persona, content strategy, and influencer messaging on per campaign basis.

We use our AI to inform influencer recommendations in the form of ranked lists that are mapped to the specially designed campaign persona and objective.

Our AI models support using influencer content across organic, paid advertising and a variety of content initiatives across brand-owned channels like blogs, email, and web pages.

Healthcare, Entertainment, Hospitality, Toys, Consumer Goods, Men's Health, Education, Web3, B2B, and Finance.

60-120 days depending on client deliverables and objectives.

Yes, but after the test buy our clients typically allow RAD AI to select the best influencers based on AI-based recommendations.

Yes, in our client-facing portal.

RAD AI identifies influencers that match the campaign objective by scoring them on their past performance and their emotional connection with the target audience.

Yes, our AI has a scoring model that is made especially for influencer content and paid advertising.

We only offer comprehensive services which are "end to end" influencer marketing activations.

The creative intelligence we provide compares RAD AI content against historical benchmarks across social and brand-owned properties. Each client's feedback loop is a dynamic environment that processes your influencer marketing performance into actionable insights tailored to your business objective.

  • AI-informed creative concepts for your new campaign
  • Actionable pre-campaign insights made for your influencer briefing
  • Actionable Influencer identification and recommendations for your campaign

  • Major social channels, website, and brand-owned channels
  • Engagement rate performance by channel
  • Follower growth during flight
  • Sustained follower growth post-flight
  • Sustained engagement rate post-flight
  • Correlation of influencer content to website traffic
  • Correlation of influencer content as an aggregate, channel, or single influencer to website traffic
  • Pre-determined benchmark for RAD AI content against brand historicals
  • Impact of influencer content on brand-owned channels

  • Platform log-in optional
  • Weekly PDF as directed
  • Customizable by KPI, channel and influencer
  • Impression by influencers
  • Impression by campaign
  • Engagement rate by influencer
  • Engagement rate by campaign
  • Impression by hashtag
  • Engagement rate by hashtag

  • Validating existing persona
  • Suggested campaign persona
  • Creative intelligence by topic
  • Creative intelligence by interests
  • Creative intelligence by overlapping interests
  • Demographics by persona

Influencer suggestions and predictions by persona for your new campaign and influencer ranking by persona and performance across historical campaigns.

Influencer content performance, ranking, and reporting by:

  • Designated KPI
  • Topics and interests
  • Campaign persona
  • Engagement rate and Impressions
  • Outlier influencer content performance
  • Compares organic post to sponsored content
  • Identifies evangelist by engagement rate, impressions & KPI

  • Content ranking models, paid media
  • Content ranking models, marketing mix*
  • Hashtag ranking by engagement and impressions
  • Brand performance per channel by engagement rate
  • Content creation best practices by channel and media type
General and Pricing

Questions and answers about our product, billing, and methodology.

We bill on a CPM basis based on either RAD AI informed views or eCPM (blended) impressions.

The CPM fee for organic RAD AI informed views delivered by influencers activated for your campaign.

Our team is using the RAD AI technology, methodology, and artificial intelligence to ensure the highest quality view possible. This view typically drives better engagement with meaningful campaign insights.

The effective CPM when combining the paid media CPM with the RAD AI informed views CPM.

Typically paid impressions are used to extend the reach of a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Paid impressions are less valuable than RAD AI informed views. Paid impressions can be optimized to CPM, engagement and conversion rate.

Yes, the guaranteed minimum amount of RAD AI informed views that will be delivered for your campaign is always guaranteed.

  • Instagram Stories - We calculate the first frame view rate only; we contract a minimum of 3 frames for each influencer deliverable
  • Instagram Reels - Minimum of 30 seconds watch time
  • Instagram Videos - Minimum of 30 seconds watch time
  • TikTok - Minimum of 30 seconds watch time
  • YouTube - Minimum of 30 seconds watch time

$50,000 is the minimum budget required per campaign. Budget exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The amount of campaign funds allocated towards RAD AI selected influencers for pre-determined deliverables.

The amount of campaign funds allocated for paid amplification of influencer content on social media.

Yes, we have comprehensive, insight-only agency, and brand packages.

We define campaign ROI at the beginning of each campaign to ensure quantifiable metrics are aligned the customer's definition of success.

Brand-focused, awareness, engagement, mid-funnel, and lower-funnel.

Generally, we use proprietary linguistic models for copy, messaging, and text. Proprietary image and video AI is used to inform social posts, paid media, and other content strategies.

Creative intelligence is defined as the actionable insights RAD AI provides used to create your customer persona, decide on content concepts, and select influencers for your campaign.

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