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Informative topic insights that brighten your day because they work.

For marketers and advanced users who want to better understand how topics perform, and looking for guidance on what to write about next.

Atomic Topics

Atomic Topics analyzer reads all your existing and past  content, conducts a thorough analysis of what your content is about, and ranks your topics by audience engagement.

It shows you how your primary topics are connected to related topics to help you figure out what to write about next.


Atomic Trending

Atomic Trending tracks what's happening in the real-world and notifies you when you have related content to share. Ride the wave and take advantage of opportunities to get even more publishing opportunities out of the content you have already created.


Learn how Accenture uses Atomic AI to segment and understand their content

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FAQs about Atomic AI

Atomic AI analyzes your content over 300 measures, finds the ideal language for your audience, makes it more personal and most importantly, makes it better.
The Compliance List in Atomic AI serves as a way for you to manage words or phrases that are NOT permitted in your content. Anytime one of these appears in a document, the platform will flag the item and notify the user to select a different option. For example, "guaranteed".
Note: When using the Personable Language feature, the compliance list is not taken into account.
A Profile is a simple way to group your content and understand it on a deeper level. Profiles analyze your content and quickly show you which writing style actually works for your audience.
Here are some examples of the different ways marketers are using Profiles today: KPIs, Geography, Persona, Topic
This is the key to success with Atomic AI.
Atomic AI works on English text-based marketing content including, blog posts, web copy, marketing emails, and landing pages.
The Custom Dictionary in Atomic AI serves as a way for you to manage your brand identity. You can include any words or phrases in your brand guidelines that you do not want rewritten or optimized. For example, product names, certain ordered phrases, trademarks, etc.
Note: When using the Personable Language feature, the custom dictionary is not taken into account.
Atomic AI optimizes for any KPI that you are tracking in your dataset. Typically, our customers ingest data from Google Analytics, Omniture, Marketing Automation platforms, and Email Marketing platforms.

Some of these metrics include:
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Time on Page
  • Goals (Completions)
  • CTA Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate

  • You can also use Atomic AI to achieve a business goal such as:
  • Grow sales
  • Generate more leads
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Nurture lost leads