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Authentic storytelling.
Enabled by AI.

AI that helps humans create authentic content for diverse audiences

How we help

Every CMO has heard the CFO say something to the effect that: “I know we are wasting half our marketing budget; I just don’t know which half.”

By leveraging the RAD AI and Machine Learning, you’ve embarked on a journey to humanize and measure your most important content across a myriad of digital channels. The AI uses your historical data to detect the best form of language need to communicate your message in the most authentic way to possible to each customer profiles. When tested against client benchmarks and normative databases, RAD AI performs 500-1000x better than existing conversion metrics.

RAD AI is the Holy Grail that connects emotion, authenticity and your marketing objective into action that delivers measurable performance.

See how this enterprise healthcare company created authentic content for diverse customer profiles.

Deliver authenticity across every channel.