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Meet Maya, the AI with an EQ

Artificial intelligence that understands emotion and delivers authentic content for the entire marketing mix.

Brands that put customers first use RAD AI

The RAD AI solution has been an integral part of transforming and scaling our digital product offering..."

Mike Rosen

Chief Revenue Office

Modern audiences demand marketing authenticity.

We blend the magic of storytelling -- with a mastery of AI -- to create authentic influencer marketing programs for a diverse and modern marketplace.
Our AI EQ analyzes the internet with the push of a button, enabling us to create authentic influencer content that lands with our clients highest value personas.

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When AI learns to understand emotion

Strength happens

Humans that use our artificial intelligence create stronger more authentic content.

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Thoughts about AI and voices for progress

Building Better Connections: Using Influencers to Grow Your Brand.

Influencers help brands build more personal consumer connections.

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RAD Whitepaper: AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Technologies.

The focus on enterprise AI adoption distracts from the real disruption underway, fueled largely by cloud service providers.

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