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Why RAD AI EQ Works for Gaming

The leading play to earn Web3 game came to RAD AI to identify the ideal creator to make content tailored to adoption and education. Authenticity was critical given the skepticism and lack of trust for traditional web2 gamers.

Web3 game adoption is complex for both the brand and creators. Our teams expertise with content authenticity along with our technology, was why we were chosen for the task.

Where we Started

The RAD AI team started pre-campaign by using it's AI EQ platform to identify authentic creators that love playing web2 games with similarities to our clients gaming experience.

This difference, between someone saying something they get paid to say VS something the creator truly feels passionate about, is the fundamental difference between RAD AI and most influencer marketing activations.

Key Challenges

A large portion of traditional gamers don’t trust blockchain based games

The Crypto-currency market had gone cold from a speculative and investment perspective during the campaign activation

AAA games made by popular publishers have large teams and resources to build titles that are percieved to superior by web 2 players

Sensitive space - creators have concerns about reputational damage

Authentic gamers comfortable and known for gaming in Web3 is minimal

What we did

Examples of RAD AI EQ Informed Content

Marketing Objectives

Educate gamers about Splinterlands play-to-earn gaming

Create episodic content that can be repurposed across multiple digital channels

Create a trusted and repeatable Web3 adoption environment for new gamers

Activate the Splinterlands community to help support Web3 adoption

Track and measure the live-streaming content to actual player signups

AI-informed creators deliver impactful content


Net new views


New player sign-ups


New player conversion rate

What we did

AI-informed Content Performance Explained

RAD AI EQ removed the biases around what type of creators would impact skeptical Web2 gaming audiences.
RAD AI EQ further guided the overall campaign and strategy around what type of content these skeptical audiences would resonate most deeply with.
The results were a 6X engagement rate increase above YouTube normative benchmarks.

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