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Atomic Reach Case Study

Who is Apruve?

A B2B Credit Management and Automation Platform, revolutionizes the way businesses buy from each other, making extending a revolving line of credit as easy and risk free as accepting a credit card. With cost savings of 35% or more over traditional B2B credit management practices, it is clear that Apruve has made a name for itself in the space. Founded in 2013, the fin-tech firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is growing and continuing to innovate how credit is managed.


Beyond The Pageviews

Just over a year ago, Matt Osborn, Sr. Marketing Manager at Apruve was stuck on how to grow his content marketing program. He recognized the value of high quality content, but was not sure how to improve his already established content program. After attending INBOUND, HubSpot's annual conference, Matt's team implemented the topic cluster model and Apruve's blog traffic grew exponentially.


With an increase of 246% in organic traffic, Matt and the team ran into a new problem and unexpected opportunity. The increase in traffic caused an influx of guest writers eager to contribute to their blog. “When we first started the blog, we were only publishing once a week and it was managed by one person. In this sense, it was easy to remain consistent,” said Matt.


“As we saw growth, we started publishing more and started looking at other metrics. Due to the growth, we had to get more team members involved." With an overwhelming number of posts, no process to maintain brand consistency, and a small marketing team, Matt looked for a viable solution.

Screenshot of Recommendations

More Leads With Content Intelligence

Apruve's team began using Atomic Reach to benchmark their content, and learn how to improve quality in order to drive more leads. By following Atomic Reach's data driven recommendations, Matt drove 23% more conversions and maximized the value of each piece of content.

The content intelligence platform makes it simple for them to evaluate or score their content, prepare it for publishing in only a few clicks, thus driving more leads.

Our conversion rate on our blog grew 23% in just 6 months, driving a lot of new leads considering we see about 20,000 pageviews per month. Once you see these insights, you will never question the service!
Matt Osborne
Senior Marketing Manager

Stamp of Apruval

Matt and Apruve rely on Atomic Reach to improve content quality without sacrificing brand consistency. By integrating their HubSpot portal with Atomic Reach, Matt and the team were able to streamline their content workflow and filter out the posts that were not consistent with their brand.

“Acting as an automated expert, Atomic Reach allows anyone to jump in and create content of the same high quality”, Matt said. Matt and the Apruve team continue to use Atomic Reach as a tool to maintain their brand consistency, content quality and lead generation.

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