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Travel and Hospitality2022

RAD AI Guides Top Las Vegas Entertainment Brands into Today's Modern Marketplace


The leader in Las Vegas entertainment came to RAD AI to develop a fresh, authentic creator campaign. Authenticity was paramount given the delicate nature of integrating diversity into a branded campaign. Large brands know to tread softly when it comes to this topic and our expertise in this area, along with our technology, was why we were chosen for the task.

This campaign was designed to highlight the company's commitment to represent itself as an inclusive destination that has an array of experiences their guests can enjoy. Promulgating an authentic campaign wasn't just the principled thing to do, it was also good for business.

Our Starting Point

RAD AI started pre-campaign by using its AI platform to triangulate their target persona with the right topics and creator data. Our team then used this information to guide the campaign action plan and creative strategy.

This difference, between someone saying something they get paid to say VS something the creator truly feels passionate about, is the fundamental difference between RAD AI and other influencer marketing activations

Key Challenges

Remove biased opinions about what type of creators will have the most impact for the brand's objective.

Validate creative strategy with AI backed data that guides marketing decisions across content deliverables.

Demonstrably show the value of AI informed creator activations through easy to digest and understand performance data.

Setup and deliver a scalable, multi-department feedback loop that provides AI informed content ranking models for paid advertising.

Provide on-site support for the activation to coordinate talent schedules, compliance and quality assurance.

What we did

Examples of RAD AI EQ Informed Content

Marketing Objectives

To establish an authentic voice for the client that demonstrates a welcoming environment to a diverse universe of guests.

Create awareness around on-property experiences tailored to new and returning guests.

Communicate the infinite array of special experiences guests can enjoy across multiple brand owned properties.

Provide the brand with an arsenal of AI informed content usable across the marketing mix.

Encourage guests to enjoy new experiences that they might not otherwise know are available.

What we did

Our RAD Humans X AI Methodology

RAD AI exceeded expectations across all campaign benchmarks and deliverables. The AI guided creative concepts that connected several resort experiences while staying true to the brands core mission"

Adam Hua

Sr. VP of Innovation

Authenticity delivers better creators and more impactful content


Organic Impressions


Engagement Rate


Total Engagements

AI Results

by the numbers

Why these numbers matter


Unique pieces of AI informed content

The content was created to feed the entire marketing mix. RAD used its AI EQ to guide what type of content needed to be created per channel. The brand approved each piece of content prior to it being published.


Total creators activated

The brand had biased opinions about which creator would or wouldn’t work. RAD AI EQ was used to validate selections and remove biased opinions about which creators should be activated to achieve the best results.


Engagement rate improvement

We benchmarked the brands previous performance averages at 2.5%. RAD AI EQ informed content averaged an 8% engagement, which was an increase of over 220%.

What we did

AI Informed Content Performed 250% Better

RAD AI removed the biases around what type of content should be created and which creators should be engaged for a diverse set of target audiences.

RAD AI further guided the overall campaign strategy around what type of content these audiences would resonate most deeply with. The AI identified creators that had deep connections with the brand, audience and campaign objective.

Content Ranking Feedback Loop

Benchmark and compare the performance of authentic AI-informed content against historical marketing efforts.

Ranks the content by the predicted performance objective

Is scalable, RAD AI models include previous generation data and inputs for new creator made assets.

Can be set up per unique advertising channel, in this case, RAD AI models were used for Facebook paid advertising

Has input variables for the objective, interest, audience type and targeting features

RAD AI models are available for paid advertising, blogs, emails and web pages

See how RAD AI can be used to infuse authenticity into your next campaign.

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