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RAD AI Activates Creators for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

Why RAD AI was Chosen?

Bright Horizons came to RAD AI to guide and develop authentic creator content to increase awareness around the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The campaign featured a coordinated song and dance with creators, team members and partners across North America.

Key Challenges

Identifying authentic creators that match the identified persona and objective

To balance the requirement for high quality content and efficiency within tight timeframes, all while staying within budget

Validate strategy with AI backed data that guides creative decisions

Satisfy multiple stakeholders with easy to understand campaign reporting and ROI analysis

What we did

Examples of AI Informed Content

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Marketing Objectives

Create awareness around the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

Deliver authentic content that can be repurposed across the entire marketing mix.

Deliver guaranteed reach, engagements and impressions.

Analyze the content and creator performance with custom-built AI models to inform future marketing decisions.

Secure comprehensive digital rights for paid advertising.

Custom Built AI Model for Bright Horizons Content

Images - AI scores and predicts potential engagement.

Videos - AI scores and predicts potential engagement.

Creators - We matched the persona with predictive engagement to guide which creators we selected.

Authentic Content Delivers Better Performance


engagement rate


AI informed
engagement rate


engagement rate

Content selected by RAD AI’s media model is predicted to generate an engagement rate of 9.3%

RAD AI Results

By the numbers

Why these numbers matter


AI-informed content

The content was created to be fed into the entire marketing mix. RAD uses its AI to guide what type of content needs to be created per channel. The brand approves each piece of content prior to it being pushed live.


Total creators activated

Marketers have biased opinions about which creator will or won’t work. RAD AI is used to validate creator selections and remove biased opinions about what the campaign strategy should be.


Engagement rate improvement

We benchmarked the average brands engagement performance at .57%. RAD AI informed creator content averaged a 4.3% engagement rate, which was an increase of over 654%.

Adaptable Feedback Loop

Channels for AI models include Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Ranks the content by the predicted performance objective

RAD AI models use historical performance and channel data for optimization

Brand specific AI models were built for organic and paid advertising on TikTok

Our AI models have inputs that tailor to the campaign objective, interest and audience type

RAD AI models are available for paid advertising, blogs, emails and web pages

Get content authenticity with AI-informed creators for your next campaign.

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