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RAD KO's Performance Benchmarks for Crush Soda

The ask

Create authentic awareness among boxing fans and gamers of the Crush-Canelo XEO second screen experience by creating AI-informed TikTok moments.

Group 4309
Group 4307


Use RAD AI to activate TikTok influencers to create emotional content that deeply resonates with Crush-Canelo fight fans to deliver meaningful engagements.

RAD AI Results

By the Numbers


Engagement Rate


Hours of platform engagement


Influencers activated

The Approach

RAD AI technology identifies influencer matches based on social data, audience segments and lingusitic patterns.

Anchor selected personalities to the content and deliver shareable Crush-branded content to further demonstrate the power of the Crush-Canelo XEO gaming platform.

Group 4284

Audience Insights

AI analysis and audit of the audience engagement.

5x more likely to engage

Under 30 years old & LatinX

3x more likely to engage

Gym & fitness business professionals

4X more likely to engage

Boxing fans & competitive gamers

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