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Sweetgreen is getting delicious ROI powered by RAD AI

Why RAD AI for Sweetgreen?

Sweetgreen, the leading fast-casual restaurant chain for healthy food came to RAD AI because they needed quantifiable results that every stakeholder in the marketing organization would appreciate.

The company had engaged several influencer marketing agencies prior to RAD AI and was looking for a different, no-nonsense approach.


Key Challenges

Activating fast while maintaining brand standards.
Proving quantitative performance ROI against historical benchmarks.
Getting buy-in from the brand that our AI-informed persona would actually move the needle. They were skeptical to put it mildly.


We’ve revolutionized decision-making around creative direction and content creation for the influencer marketing industry.

Unbiased audience-first personas
Automated AI-informed influencer discovery
Performance benchmarked against predetermined KPIs
Fast, transparent campaign delivery
Over 600 API data connections



RAD AI informed ads Improved engagement rate by 188% against ads in the same  test group. This resulted in a reduced CPA by 27%.

Before RAD AI

The brand had no way to quantitatively measure the impact of influencer content when used for paid media.
The brand collaborated with influencer marketing agencies but sought a better understanding behind the selection criteria for talent.
The brand occasionally encountered delays in campaign activations and sought improved visibility into content performance metrics.
The brands influencer and content strategy for middle America markets was biased and needed validation.

After Rad AI

RAD AI recommended influencers delivered content that improved paid media benchmarks.
We showed the brand how audience-first personas provide certainty around content direction and influencer selection.
We delivered a fast, efficient campaign that met the predetermined brand requirements resulting from the RAD AI technology.
RAD AI reporting identified evangelists whose branded content outperformed organic performance baselines.

The Rad AI Differentiation


RAD AI Ads outperformed the previous engagement rate in the ad group


RAD AI ads decreased the cost-per-acquisition


At the ad group level, RAD AI content  was more effective at driving clicks to destination


Our content outperformed previous engagement rates over 6 months


RAD AI influencer content decreased the cost-per-acquisition


Over a 6-month period, RAD AI content was more effective at driving clicks to destination

Smarter and Faster

Learn more about audience-first personas and
AI-informed influencer discovery.