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RAD AI delivered a 146% engagement rate improvement

Why RAD AI for Hasbro?

Hasbro, the leading company in global play and entertainment, selected RAD AI to find new audiences and measure content ROI.

RAD AI rapidly mobilized, launching the campaign within just two weeks of receiving approval. The team prioritized swift activation while strictly adhering to essential brand safety guidelines, a key aspect of the campaign's success

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Key Challenges

Expanding reach to new audiences while engaging with the game's established fanbase.
Convincing players that already own the game to purchase the new portable version of the loved game RISK.
Finding content creators that resonated with both existing and new audiences.

Game Changing Influencer Marketing

We’ve revolutionized decision-making around creative direction and content creation for the influencer marketing industry.

Language-based audience insights
Automated AI-informed influencer discovery
Performance benchmarked against predetermined KPIs
Fast, transparent campaign delivery
Over 600 API data connections

RAD AI audience insights revealed Social Gamers, Household Heros, and Dice Veteran audiences

Before RAD AI

The brand lacked a method to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of influencer content in paid media campaigns.
The brand worked with other influencer marketing agencies, but desired more clarity in understanding the criteria for choosing influencers.
The brand sometimes encountered hold-ups when activating campaigns and was looking for more insight into the performance metrics of content.
Historically organic content underperformed compared to branded content.

After Rad AI

RAD AI’s suggested influencers produced content that grew the benchmarks for paid media.
Demonstrated to the brand that using language-based audience insights first ensures confidence in the content strategy and influencer selection.
We executed a quick, effective campaign that met the brands predefined requirements thanks to the RAD AI technology.  
RAD AI analysis discovered influencers whose organic content outperformed branded content

The Rad AI Differentiation


Improved Instagram engagement rate


RAD AI doubled the amount of guaranteed creators


At the ad group level, RAD AI content was more effective at driving clicks to destination 


Our content outperformed previous engagement rates 



Smarter and Faster

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