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Hero Quest Day comes to life with AI-informed strategy.


Hasbro Inc., an American multinational conglomerate came to to RAD AI to launch their newest version of the iconic game, Hero Quest. The company wanted to use AI to drive quantifiable results that every stakeholder in the marketing organization would appreciate.

The company had engaged several influencer marketing agencies prior to RAD AI and was looking for a different, no-nonsense approach.

persona asset

Key Challenges

Niche gaming communities have distinct topics and categories they care about.
Identifying personas that represent the current, real-world interests that match the influencers audience.
Utilize data sets from Reddit, YouTube and Twitch to develop an actionable content and creative strategy.

MobilizING audiences.

We’ve revolutionized decision-making around creative direction and content creation for the influencer marketing industry. 

Unbiased audience-first personas
Automated AI-informed influencer discovery
Performance benchmarked against predetermined KPIs
Fast, transparent campaign delivery
Over 600 API data connections

RAD AI personas revealed Competitive Strategist, Fantasy Fanatics and Retro Gamer audiences 

Before RAD AI

The brand came to RAD AI with less than three weeks to launch and be in market. 
The brand collaborated with influencer marketing agencies but sought better transparency in understanding the selection criteria for influencers.
The brand occasionally encountered delays in campaign activations and sought improved visibility into content performance metrics.
The brand made educated, yet biased decisions when selecting influencer content for various organic and paid marketing goals.

After Rad AI

RAD AI recommended influencers 
delivered content that improved paid 
media benchmarks.
We showed the brand how audience-first personas provide certainty around content direction and influencer selection.
We delivered a fast, efficient campaign that met the predetermined brand requirements resulting from the RAD AI technology.  
RAD AI reporting identified evangeliusts whose branded content outperformed organic performance baselines.

The Rad AI Differentiation


Top performing creator outperformed organic benchmark


RAD AI audience-first 
personas that revealed 
topics, categories 
and interests


Increase over their avg. open rate of 35,000


More content creators booked resulting from 
AI efficiencies

18 Days

Time need to run the activation from 
start to finish.


Reduction in traditional agency fees


Learn more about audience-first personas and AI-informed influencer discovery.