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RAD AI Guides Influencer Activations for Colleges Across North America. 

Why RAD AI for Education

Leading colleges across the nation come to RAD AI to develop authentic influencer campaigns.

RAD’s AI is used to guide the influencer selection process and inform the creative strategy for each activation.

Asset Education Partner 2

Key Challenges

Aggregating data from 5 social networks to identify the optimal creative strategy.
Benchmarking the brands historical content performance across owned and social channels.
Identifying influencers that have overlapping interests with the AI-informed persona.

Remove All Doubt

Creative intelligence delivers authentic influencer marketing for colleges across the country.

Marketing Objectives

Create awareness around key college programs for target student audiences.
Deliver authentic content that can be repurposed across the entire marketing mix.
Deliver guaranteed reach and engagement by influencer.
Analyze the content and creator performance with custom-built AI to inform future marketing decisions.
Secure comprehensive digital rights for paid advertising.
RAD App on Laptop

The RAD AI solution has been an integral part of transforming and scaling our digital product offering...”

Mike Rosen

Chief Revenue Officer

654% Engagement Rate Improvement

Before RAD AI


Organic views


Engagement rate


Total engagements

Using RAD AI


AI-informed views


Engagement rate


Total engagements

RAD AI Results

By the numbers


AI-informed Content

Stop guessing with your influencer marketing budget. RAD AI uses creative intelligence to guide campaign and content strategy by activation channel.


Total Influencers Activated

Marketers have biased opinions about which influencer will or won’t work. RAD AI is used to remove biased opinions about what the campaign strategy should be.


Better Audience Alignment

Sustain scale with actionable creative intelligence and content insights. RAD AI almost doubled the engagement rate while delivering 2.5X more views.

Get creative intelligence for your next education campaign.

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