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The Black Tux celebrates new audiences and record level engagement

why rad ai for the black tux

In 2023 the luxury tuxedo rental business was seeing steep growth but The Black Tux was struggling in cementing their leadership position. In particular, RAD AI data-sets confirmed they were not consistently setting themselves apart from new competitors. RAD AI was engaged to use our AI and Influencer expertise to identify new ways to engage younger audiences and first-time “tux” renters.

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“The Rad AI solution has been an integral part of transforming and scaling our digital product offering...”

Matt sutton, cmo the black tux

Before RAD AI

Legacy data and strategy was driving underperforming content strategies.
Audience segments were driven by rental occasions vs. deeper audience interests that are accessible through the adoption of language based AI.
Traditional Influencer identification was time consuming, biased and unreliable.
Content was developed and distributed across all channels before a rigorous analysis could inform quality, virality, memorability or emotional impact.

After Rad AI

Adoption of real-world, real-time language is the “new” standard to inform fresh content & platform strategies.
Audience segments are being driven by overlapping primary, secondary and cultural interests which drives more engaging content and platform performance.
Influencer discovery is being completed in 24 hours and is consistently aligned with overlapping audience interests which drive higher engagement and conversion.
AI-based, predictive content analysis informs creative direction before content is distributed on Influencer or branded channels allowing the brand to make revisions before content distribution.

RAD AI Results

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