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Audience Insights

Instantly create language-based audience insights

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Real-world data and 600+ api partners

Powered by our proprietary language models, RAD AI delivers real-world, real-time interest-based audience insights at scale.

We feed our AI proprietary data sets, custom algorithms, data from platforms including Reddit, TikTok, and X, and information you share with us about your brand.

The Art and science of the possible

Give your content certainty with world-class AI.

When brands deploy language-based audience insights informed by RAD AI, they built content strategies that are proven to boost ROI.

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Learn about language-based audience insights

Why it Matters

24-hour turn around

In 24 hours our AI generates an extensive list of insights used to develop audience segments. Each segment reveals real-time, real-world, primary secondary, and cultural interests, character traits, and active conversations that overlap with your brand. These insights are proven to motivate and mobilize your audience.


Our audience insights are built on large language models that go much deeper and wider than traditional brand research methodologies that rely solely on panel data. Our methodology is rooted in language - actual conversations happening across the internet - which provides truer and more actionable insights.

Top Talent

Unlike other influencer marketing agencies, we have ‘hands on keyboards.’ Our developers can work with you to build exclusive AI data sets for specific needs. Our strategists can work with you to identify campaign KPIs, build personas, generate ranked influencer lists that will expand your brand's reach by identifying new audiences. Our creatives can evaluate and optimize your brand's content in real-time.


Unlike other agencies, AI informs every step of our process, and allows us to be more efficient and effective. Our custom service models don’t have bloated teams and long turnaround times. In short, we move fast and effectively, and you pay less for more.

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Language-based data at scale

Understand who your customer is today, and the content you’ll need for them to take action tomorrow.



Don’t take it from us. Take it from our enterprise clients who repeatedly claim our language-based audience insights are essential for marketing communication at scale.

Let us show you how our AI can change the way you activate today.

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