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Conversation starters with accenture

The challenge

Accenture, a top global professional services company historically used their blog to drive awareness and inspire future recruits. It had become a crucial tool for showcasing the company culture, values, achievements, industry insights and thought leadership which provided a competitive advantage in an industry that often recruits from the same talent pool.

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The Catch

New start-ups and more dynamic companies were entering their competitive landscape, and the company witnessed a continuing decline in engagement on their blog.

The Strategy

RAD AI used our LLMs to analyze and understand the intentionality of the language being used in and around the real-world conversations within this talent pool. What our AI unearthed defined the content strategies and messaging pillars intended to drive the right audiences to Accenture in new ways and mark an improvement in blog engagement.

Beginning conversations with potentital candidates much earlier in their journey, this proved an accelerant for potential long-term conversion.

Transitioning content from corporate data to a more human perspective, offering a day-to-day glimpse of life at Accenture

Continuing content ranking and targeted optimization aligned with primary, secondary, and cultural interests of the segmented audiences of high potentials.

Bringing thought leadership to life with original, less formally produced content proven memorable and highly shareable within these audience segments.

RAD AI Results

By the Numbers


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